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Learn to Safely Live the Life that You Choose...
        • More Than 11 Million Americans will be Victims of Violence this Year.

        • 7 Million Attacks will Involve a Weapon (Gun, Knife, Sticks)

        • Most Victims will be taken by Surprise and will be Unprepared.

      1. We teach self protection NOT self defense

      Self-protection is, proactive, positive, preventative, and focuses on avoiding violence

      2. Violence can happen in an instant

      From an arm's length away, someone can take your life. You WILL be shocked. You WILL have very little time to respond. It is important to be aware of your surroundings and to control the who, what and where of your life.

      3. Simple concepts can save your life.

      The Variables of Exposure to Violence ( 2001) apply to street violence, domestic violence and terrorism. Read the Book Eyes Wide Open!

      4. Every use of force carries risk.

      The risks include injury, legal liability and being overpowered. Training needs to be situational and include response to real life triggers, including verbal confrontation.

      5. Enhanced awareness is a key component to prevention.

      Learn to pay attention to your environment, recognize threat and put your subconscious mind to work for you.

      6. Most violence is predictable and therefore preventable!

      7. Learn concepts today that may save your life tomorrow.

      Concepts used by bodyguards to protect millionaires can work for you in business, travel, and in high risk locations whether you are a man or woman, young or old.